What to do During an Epidemic by Martin Luther

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William R. Russell, editor and translator

Martin Luther: What to do During an Epidemic, is a fresh translation, reintroduced and annotated, of Luther’s 1527 advice about how faithful people might respond to an outbreak of an epidemic—in his day, the Bubonic Plague. Published as an open letter in response to questions posed by the clergy of Breslau, Germany, Luther’s wisdom (as medieval as it is), has surprising resonance in our time. The Reformer’s advice in these pages, stems from his understanding of the Christian life, lived in the public sphere—each Christian receives a vocation in their Baptism. And every believer, by virtue of her or his particular office, is to serve the common good. Because Christians live and work in the various spheres of human life (the ecclesiastical, the civil, and the economic), they are called to serve the thriving of their neighbors.

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WILLIAM R. RUSSELL, as pastor of Augustana Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota, seeks to interpret the chief insights of Martin Luther for our present context. With a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and an M.Div. from Luther Seminary, Russell has authored/edited 10 books and 100’s of articles and book reviews for a wide range of print and digital media. A sought-after speaker, he has addressed audiences from Canada to Brazil, Malaysia to Nigeria, Norway to South Africa. Married to Ann Svennungsen, they have three grown children and three grandchildren.