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The reviews are in for Dr. Robert Benne’s memoirs Thanks Be to God!  The words of these diverse endorsements speak for themselves:

The Memoirs of Dr. Robert Benne are a testimony of one man’s faithful response to Christ’s call to “Follow Me!” In his insightful, self-critical and transparent disclosures Dr. Benne’s personal memoirs describe in microcosm the struggles with which every faithful Lutheran must wrestle in the pursuit of vocation or discipleship. Because of the clarity of his theology and his ability to deliver it eloquently even his memoirs are designed to educate and edify all who dare to walk with him through these pages.With me, you too will give thanks to God for Dr. Benne’s memoirs and even more for the gift of his life and influence that continues to bless the Church and our culture.” — John Bradosky, Bishop, North American Lutheran Church

Robert Benne has told the story of his life from his youth growing up in Nebraska —including his athletic prowess as a sports jock at Midland Lutheran College — to his golden years of retirement from Roanoke College in Virginia as the premier Lutheran public theologian of his generation. Historically Lutheranism has suffered the bad rap of being strong on doctrine but weak on ethics, often accused of quietism. Benne’s major works on Christian ethics courageously address the hot button social, economic, and political issues, proof positive that Lutheranism is a living tradition with profound resources to critique and enrich the common life and cultural situation in America.” — Carl E. Braaten, co-Founder, Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology

Robert Benne is one of the Church’s great minds today. He has the rare gift of translating theology and ethics into language that people in the pew can understand. This memoir is no different. It is a fascinating tour of some of the fateful events and famous leaders in the world church over the last half-century or more.” — Gerald McDermott, Anglican Chair of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School, Birmingham, Alabama

Here is a story of a Christian, Lutheran, family man, American, academic and athlete – from the time of the Great depression until our present hour. Bob Benne ably portrays the joys and challenges of a life well lived, a long obedience in the same direction.” — Raymond Brown, retired U.S. Coast Guard Captain and Intelligence Analyst

Thirty years ago, as a young pastor, I sought out Dr. Robert Benne to be my mentor.I wanted to be shaped by the greatest “practical theologian” of the Church—and nation—over the last half century. Reading now the memoirs of Bob’s life is to read the memoirs writ large of what has happened in the Church and society over Bob’s lifetime.It leaves us with a renewed respect and appreciation for the fruit the Lord has brought from Bob’s faithfulness to his calling, a lament for what has been lost in the Church and our public institutions, but also a hopefulness that our Sovereign God will continue to enrich the Church and the world for generations to come by Bob’s contributions.Bob Benne is a mentor to us all.” — Rev. Mark Graham, Senior Pastor, St. John Lutheran Church (NALC), Roanoke, Virginia

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