Rightly Handling the Word of Truth: Scripture, Canon, and Creed

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Papers Delivered at the 2014 Theological Conference

Sponsored by Lutheran CORE and NALC, July 22-23, 2014

at General Pelot Summerall Chapel at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina



Rev. Dr. Carl E. Braaten


Dr. Robert Benne

On Being “Lovers of Truth”:
The Canon of Scripture and the Church’s Commitment to Truth

Rev. Dr. Stephen J. Hultgren

Wrestling Till the Break of Day: How Luther Read the Bible

Dr. David S. Yeago

The Scripture Controversy in American Lutheranism:
Infallibility, Inerrancy, Inspiration

Rev. Dr. Mark A. Granquist

Knowing the Bible through the Liturgy:
The Holy Scripture as Doxology

Rev. Dr. Amy C. Schifrin, STS

The Ethics of Sex, Marriage, and the Family

Rev. Dr. Christopher R. Seitz

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