Preaching God’s Word according to Luther’s Doctrine in America Today

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by Paul R. Hinlicky

What two respected leaders of the church have to say about Preaching God’s Word:

Bishop James Mauney, Virginia Synod, ELCA:

Paul Hinlicky preaches to his congregants and to our hearts in this book. This professor, who knows the gamut of philosophers and theologians of the centuries, seeks to make known the Lord of heaven and earth, the Lord of manger, cross, and empty tomb, through good news of the gospel to those with eyes to see and a heart to embrace. “Because Jesus lives, we look into the final future, we dream dreams in the Spirit of how it will surely be, we walk by faith in the promise that God’s dwelling will be with us, therefore death’s power forever broken, tears wiped away, all things made new, the gift of living waters from the well-springs of life.” Yeah, it’s worth a reading.

Dennis Bielfeldt, President of the Institute of Lutheran Theology:

In contrast to the present Lutheran penchant for exclusive first-order proclamation, this collection of recent sermons illustrates how effective occasional second-order preaching can be. Standing within a tradition of solid Reformational catechetical preaching, Hinlicky’s lively sermons teach the Christian faith as dogma claiming intellectual assent. They show a theologian of considerable profundity dealing insightfully and lovingly with fundamental questions of faith and existence (e.g., the three Easter sermons delivered after the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech). The final postscript, “Is there a ‘Lutheran’ Hermeneutic,” though not a sermon, is itself worth the price of admission.

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