Prayers of the People: Petitionary Prayers Guided by the Texts for the Day

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by Richard F. Bansemer

In this book Richard F. Bansemer has collected these prayers, which he has written over several years, for every Sunday of the church year as well as a number of additional holy days. His intention is that these Prayers of the People might help congregations each week to engage in the conversation with God that is true prayer. In the Prayer of the Church, having heard God speaking through the reading of Holy Scripture and its exposition through the sermon, the people then bring before God their response to what has been said, in a way that expresses their hope, thanksgiving, admiration, struggle and joy.

The scripture lessons to which the prayers relate are those in the three-year Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), now in wide use by Christian denominations which follow a lectionary, including most Lutherans, in the United States and Canada. The prayers are intended to be adaptable for local needs by the pastor or worship planner. Additional petitions for the concerns of the day, the world, and the local community may be added, and the responsive sentence may be altered, along with the petitions themselves, as appropriate. All the prayers are available in digital form free of charge to owners of the book to facilitate such adaptation. Requests for the digital files may be sent to the ALPB via email by clicking on “Contact the ALPB” below.

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