O Lord, Teach Me to Pray

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by Richard F. Bansemer

O Lord, Teach Me to Pray
A Catechetical Prayer Book for Personal Use by Richard F. Bansemer takes the teachings of Luther’s Small Catechism before God in prayer to encourage and inspire the reader in the basics of the Christian faith. Suitable for both youth and adults.

These small volumes of prayers invite us to combine the question known and beloved by Lutherans everywhere, “What does this mean?,” with the bold declaration of the Lutheran Confessions, “We believe, teach, and confess.” Former bishop of the Virginia Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Richard Bansemer has become known for his gift of prayer and his ability to draw the reader into honest relationship with God. His first book for the ALPB, O Lord, Teach Me to Pray, is now in its fourth printing. In his newer volume, We Believe, he was joined by Walter Bouman of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio, who provided scripture texts and reflections to accompany the prayers.

This book is perfect for adult Christian formation groups;

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