My Ecumenical Journey

Author / Brand: Carl E. Braaten


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by Dr. Carl E. Braaten

Dr. Braaten’s latest publication is best described by his friend and colleague Dr. Robert Benne (jointly honored by the annual Braaten-Benne Lectures):

“In another ‘last book,’ Carl Braaten traces his ecumenical journey from the ‘Braaten brouhaha’ of the early 60s — in which he was mistakenly interpreted as commending an immediate return to Rome — through his (and others’) founding of the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology to the current agreements on justification forged in 1999. Lest you think he is naively optimistic about the current ecumenical situation in which churches are splitting right and left, his first chapter coolly depicts the stark reality we face. Nevertheless, he finds plenty of evidence that possibilities for reconciliation and unity for the sake of the mission of the Gospel are still alive. God grant that we might have yet another ‘last book’ by this revered evangelical catholic theologian.”

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