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Love, Family, and Sex in Christian Perspective

Autonomous individuals?… Or people grounded in the faith? We all know the standard biblical texts–hardly adequate for speaking to social issues surrounding human sexuality today, right? Or, do they depict another reality–one that has to do with Christian sexual morality and a different vision of what the Christian life is all about? See for yourself, in this series of tracts from the ALPB, “Christian Sexual Morality.” Let these simple reflections help you communicate something of the beauty, rigor, and depth of the theological and ethical vision of human sexual love offered in the Bible.

Set One:

  •  You, Your Body, Your God (To Christian young people) CM01
  •  Spiritually Safe Sex(To those looking for a clear Christian word) CM02
  •  What Does Your Marriage Mean? (To those contemplating marriage) CM03
  •  The Love That Can Be Promised (To those preparing for their wedding vows) CM04
  •  Both Parents and Priests (To Christian parents and pastors) CM05

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