A SPECIAL DEAL – Tract Package 3, Lutheran Identity

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Need an added resource for defining Lutheran?

ALPB would like to help…with five tracts, planned to focus attention on what is unique about the Lutheran Church. Designed for newcomers to the Lutheran Church, as well as those members who may want a refresher course in subjects central to Lutheranism. Pastors may want to use the brochures as teaching supplements as well as for general distribution. Lay members will value these short, informative pieces about their church.

Available in Spanish for No Extra Charge!

  •  Lutheran? What’s in a Name? L101
  •  Lutheran Faith, Lutheran Worship–Two Sides of One Coin L104
  •  An Invitation to Lutheran Worship L103
  •  Martin Luther and the Reformation L105

Special Sale Price:  $36 for 100 each of all 4 tracts: 
500 Tracts Total

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