Our Mission:

The American Lutheran Publicity Bureau (ALPB), established in 1914, is a non-profit organization independent of official church control, linked by faith and confession to the Church it serves. Committed to an understanding of the Lutheran tradition as evangelical and catholic, the ALPB affirms the Church’s scriptural and confessional foundations in order to foster renewal within the Lutheran bodies of North America, Lutheran churches abroad, and the wider ecumenical community. The ALPB holds that all those under Christ who hold fast the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions have a common life, with a distinctive role to play in conveying the Gospel message. In an era in which the Church in North America must address an increasingly post-Christian and secular culture, the ALPB makes the theological, liturgical and devotional resources of our confessional heritage accessible and relevant to all Lutherans as well as to friends in other communions.

Board of Directors

Pr. David H. Benke, President; Pr. W. Stevens Shipman, Vice-President; Hope Wittrock, Secretary;
Pr. John Heidgerd, Treasurer; Pr. Philip Anderas, Dr. Robert Benne, Capt. Raymond J. Brown, USCG, Pr. Timothy Eichler, Pr. Brett Jenkins, Pr. John Hannah, Pr. Ray F. Kibler III, Dr. Michael J. Meese, Pr. Richard E. Mueller, Donna K. Roche, Pr. Paul Sauer, Pr. Travis Scholl, Pr. Matthew Staneck, Pr. Terrence Weber, Pr. Nathan Yoder, Rev. Dr. Samuel D. Zumwalt, Jr.


Chap. Paul R. Sauer, Executive Director; Donna K. Roche, Office Manager; Richard O. Johnson, Forum Letter Editor; Pr. Matthew Borrasso, Forum Letter Associate Editor; Pr. Matthew O. Staneck, Lutheran Forum Editor; Piotr J. Malysz, Lutheran Forum Editor; Joshua Hollmann, Lutheran Forum Associate Editor; David C. Drebes, Lutheran Forum Production Editor; Gracia Grindal, Poetry and Hymn Editor; Rebecca J. Frey, Copy Editor; Martin Christiansen, Publications Editor
Cooper Marotta, Website Manager