LCMS Pastor Indicted alongside Trump in Georgia

Started by Mbecker, August 15, 2023, 06:14:44 PM

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Punitive damages are awarded to plaintiffs. But right, good luck with that!
Don Kirchner

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Quote from: Donald_Kirchner on December 15, 2023, 06:57:01 PMPunitive damages are awarded to plaintiffs. But right, good luck with that!

Thanks. So, each one is due ca. $74M!

J. Thomas Shelley

IIRC damages (both non-punative and punative) are considered taxable income; the plaintiffs are taxed on the full amount of the settlement, including the typical 30% cut to the attorneys.  

So essentially the 30% is subject to double taxation since the attorneys must also show that as revenue/income.
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Mike in Pennsylvania

Deacon Shelley, you do not recall correctly.  For Federal taxes and PA taxes, money won in a lawsuit is not taxable to the successful plaintiff.  I wouldn't know about Georgia law.
But yes, the attorneys' cut is taxable against them.
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Charles Austin

What the Ex-mayor and others did to those women was abominable. And the self-appointed "chaplain" was apparently part of the scheme.
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