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Children's prayers

Started by Richard Johnson, December 07, 2020, 11:53:17 AM

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Richard Johnson

My wife has been filling in as primary leader for our (Zoom) Sunday School the last couple of weeks. It's very small--if every kid is there, it might be ten. One of the things they do is to share prayer concerns, usually pretty much restricted to very close to home matters, but yesterday my wife invited the kids to think a little more broadly. One little boy was concerned about his great uncle, who has COVID and they were about to make a decision about putting him on a ventilator. Another was concerned because we had a "PSPS" (public service power shutoff) scheduled for Monday morning for 48 hours, and she was thinking of the people who don't have generators for whom that's a difficult reality. So they all prayed.

During the course of the 45 minute class, the mom of the first boy got a phone call reporting that the uncle and improved and the ventilator was no longer being discussed. And then a teacher (who is married to one of our county officials) reported that the PSPS had been rescinded because conditions had changed.

The children got quite a lesson in intercessory prayer, wouldn't you say?
The Rev. Richard O. Johnson, STS

Rev. Edward Engelbrecht

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