Prayers for those families involved in the collapsed bridge...

Started by JMOtterman, August 01, 2007, 09:32:10 PM

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I think Erma Wolf gave a very good response to your question before you asked it.



Quote from: Floccinaucinihilipilification on August 04, 2007, 12:46:02 AM
Peter what was the intent of this particular thread? 

I stated "Just thought it might be helpful to find a way to dedicate a space for praying for those who died and those families of whom loved ones died in the collapse of the freeway in Minneapolis, MN today at 6:05 PM. 

Just thought we should take a break from bantering and pray for those who died today."

Could Paul have taken a leadership role and have directed his disagreements with the one he disagreed to a new thread?

My intent for this thread was to post prayers...we were fortunate that a few MN folk found a medium to share the news of what was happening to them with all of us.

My expectations for the intent of this particular thread were low and even in being low I still found my anger rising with the callousness of Paul for treating this thread any differently than the other threads of cacoethes carpendi scribendi.

So things happened, tempers flared, each side felt a justification for sharp words but it is all sin.  I sinned, Paul sinned, and others too and we forgot to pray, we were white washed tomb stones.  I would agree that I believe Christian prayer meetings are better suited for Christians in churches and that large multi cultural religious events are mere politics on a human level but it was arguing in a thread without regard for the intent of this thread that angered myself and a few others.

I would have had more agreements with Paul had he taken his concerns to a new thread or continued in an old thread like Does it matter.


P.S. My screen name and bottom verbage have much to do with each other.   
Point well-taken-- the joint worship thing should have been moved to another thread. The things is, you never know what comments are going to take on a life of their own and which ones are just giong to sort of die off without notice, so the tendency is for the threads to meander a little, just like a conversation. Certainly everyone is in favor of praying for accident victims. People could have ignored Paul's original post about the news release, too, rather than attacking it as insensitive, and that would have kept the thread on topic just as easily. I think the comments about the state of infrastructure, Paul's sensitivity or perceived lack thereof, joint worship services as a response to tragedy, stories of people who helped or who came close to being victims themselves that day-- none of these are actual prayers for the victims, but all fall under the rubric of discussion about the I-35 bridge collapse, which is how I kind of interpreted the topic thread. 

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