A word of "Law" from Jonathan Haidt?

Started by Pasgolf, December 29, 2017, 12:21:52 PM

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     Haidt's warning appears similar to that of an Old Testament prophet.  The portion on "intersectionality" seems particularly apt as the ELCA social statement on women and justice seems to rely heavily on this line of thinking.  The discussion of tribalism as the underlying disease also dings the LC-MS, e.g. the discussion on the catechetics of gender relationships on another thread. 
Mark (retired pastor, golfs the pastures) Renner

James S. Rustad

The mention of the World's Worst Mom near the end was surprising, but upon reflection, it ties in well.  How can we expect people to understand and respect the views of others as adults if they did not learn to do so as children?
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This link to the Heterodox Academy connects to an app and library designed to open conversation to the point where understanding can replace the kind of vituperation and ad hominem that too often infects discussions where disagreement is central.  People of the church are not immune, CFR the tone to which most discussions on this forum usually descends.  Brothers and Sisters, we can do better.
Mark (retired pastor, golfs the pastures) Renner

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