Get-together in St. Louis

Started by peter_speckhard, June 18, 2013, 06:23:12 PM

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Charles Henrickson

Quote from: pearson on July 21, 2013, 09:55:09 PM
. . . would greatly enjoy meeting the rest of you rigid, fundamentalist, Walther-wielding LCMS neanderthals.

As a rigid, fundamentalist, Walther-wielding LCMS neanderthal myself, I was happy to journey over to the ALPB hospitality suite and enjoy some sweet hospitality.  Thank you, Peter, for hosting it.  Good times.  And what did I drink?  I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer . . . Schlafly's, a good St. Louis brew, which I had last night.
Charles Henrickson
Pastor, St. Matthew Lutheran Church (LCMS), Bonne Terre, Missouri:

Dave Likeness

Previous generations of St. Louis seminarians
had to be content with Budweiser.  There were
no micro-brews available to those Budding
theologians of yesteryear.


Had a great time. Started off slow because we went toe to toe against the LCEF ice cream social in the delegates' hotel six blocks away, but the determined were rewarded. We had sixteen people come and stay for the bulk of the evening, some familiar names and some first time introductions. Sadly, alpb regulars Dave Benke, Marie Meyer and Kim Schave (Buckeye Deaconess) were unable to attend for various reasons. More later.


I would have chosen beer fellowship over ice cream fellowship...

Buckeye Deaconess

While I'm saddened that I missed the ALPB get-together, I did have a chance to greet in person Marie, Pres. Benke, and Pr. Speckhard.  I wish I would have had more time to chat with each of you, but know that it was a pleasure to have finally met you.

Two ALPB peeps wishing to remain anonymous made their presence known, too.  Nice chatting with you, gentlemen.

Padre Dave

I had a great time meeting many of you in person, and Peter began my evening by giving me amazingly good news that verified the veracity of a near-future visit to the hallowed ground of Lambeau Field, home of God's own favorite team.  This bucket list item is being facilitated by my dear brother and friend The Rev. Mark Schum and his lovely wife, and involves Mrs Padre and I getting ourselves to GB, staying with them and preaching Sunday morning and then off to an afternoon game.  Oh, be still my heart.  In consideration of my very thin blood after 40+ years of desert dwelling, this visit will be before the tundra is hardened.

Sorry for my personal detour.  It was my pleasure meeting the esteemed brothers of this Forum, and I am thankful and blessed by the encounter.

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