Lutheran Marriage Initiative Launched

Started by Robert_C_Baker, June 19, 2013, 02:48:12 PM

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Friends, I've just launched the in the hope of generating good teaching and conversation about this very important topic.

The time for appealing to authority or focusing exclusively on homosexuality is past. Let's focus on the positive goods, described in the Bible, that God gives in marriage!

Your suggestions for resources, etc. would be especially welcome.

Robert C. Baker


Marriage Encounter is a Roman Catholic organized movement. There is a Lutheran manifestation as well. I can't point you to an address though; sorry.


Thanks, John. That would be International Lutheran Marriage Encounter, which can be found at

What I envision is a church-wide effort not to assist married couples, which is a noble goal in itself, but to teach what marriage is. In my opinion, it is that teaching, which is lacking or defective in the Church today.

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