The Wrongs of Women's Rights

Started by Karl Hess, November 12, 2010, 01:02:21 PM

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I'm not saying that women should never work outside the home,b ut I am suggesting that if women and men are both encouraged to  pursue careers, we have ceased to look at married couples as one flesh but rather partnerships of two individuals who both purssue their separate dreams.  As a husband, i am not to work primarily to accomplish what I want to accomplish, but to serve my neighbor and provide for my family. 

If I may comment on the title of this thread. The unquestioned wrong of "women's rights" is the right of women over their body to have an abortion. On that we are agreed. 

The sticking point seems to be when, where and how women are responsible to utilize God given gifts. I happen to have the gift of hospitality, one I have used as a pastor's wife. I believe failure to use this gift would have been counter to what Scrripture teaches about using God given gifts and talents.  Other women have gifts related to careers outside the home. Might they also be responsible before God to use these gifts? Is it a matter simply of a woman pursuing her personal dreams?

What if husband and wife in their separate careers are working toward the same goal - the nurture and well being of their family.

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