January 2007 Letter is outstanding!

Started by Revbert, January 11, 2007, 06:39:26 PM

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Kudos, my friends, for an outstanding issue, cover to cover.

I finally had time to read the current issue, and I found it clear, pithy (to use Bill O'Reilly's favorite word), and on target.

The reviews of the ELCA sexuality guides were right on, and are indicative of the problems we have across the church today regarding "emended" texts, proof-texting, and selective reading.  My concerns about the misuse of Luther (he is, after all, important, but NOT canonical, in spite of the hopes of some Lutherans and Seventh-Day Adventists) were echoed by both Foster and Marshall.  Thank you, my brothers, for excellent reviews.

Richard, I feel for you in the "box" issue.  My sister and I have split four generations of houoseholds, and there are boxes from my mother (d. 1987) that are still unopened and unsorted, and those boxes included things of grandparents and great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents.  A few moves compliments of Uncle Sam didn't help matters in getting to them sooner.  Perhaps this is the year.

However, of the entire issue, the part which I was quick to share with one of my teachers in our school was the Omnium piece "Zoos." Both Karen and I had a good laugh, and that was dangerous, as she is just a "little bit" pregnant right now.

Again, thank you for a fine issue of the Forum Letter.

Art Hebbeler
Pastor, Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, Beltsvile, MD
Head of Schools, Augburg Academy

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