Diocese of Pittsburgh to vote on leaving TEC

Started by Marshall_Hahn, November 02, 2007, 02:35:02 PM

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Quote from: Dave Poedel, STS on November 09, 2007, 11:12:25 PM
Somewhere in my study I have a Lutheran "RCIA" program with the catechesis thing, the "steps" that parallel the early Church's program for preparing the catechumens. I heard it was a joint AF/CPH program, but AF ended up publishing it (P. McCain, any truth behind that rumor?)

Dave, that was before my time at CPH. It might be true. I honestly don't know. I was disappointed that it didn't really come to fruition as was hoped for. I entirely agree with the rest of your post. The problem is that whereas many pastors prefer to use a set curriculum for junior confirmation, there is a great deal of diversity when it comes to adult catechesis. But it seems to me the need for some help is perhaps greatest with adults, who, precisely as you say, are more and more coming to our congregations as "functionally illiterate" when it comes to Christianity, if not wholly illiterate. My wife and I mentored a new member through classes at our church and she had never opened a Bible before, didn't even know where to begin, had not a single clue about it.  That's how basic things have to be when we start.

I would very much be in favor of a Lutheran version of the RCIA that had very good substance. Like I said, this is my understanding of where things kind of fell down with that project previously: too much emphasis on the rituals, and not enough on the content. I think the Large Catechism would be a tremendously helpful core curriculum.

I do not agree that we are not capable of doing it, just don't know enough about it, collectively.

An inspiring text for everyone to read who wants to be serious about adult catechesis is William Harmless book Augustine and The Catechumenate. Harmless is an exciting and engaging speaker, who loves to recite Augstine's Latin to help listeners catch the flavor of how powerful an orator he was, the master of words and teaching.

You can buy it from Amazon.com



Peter Bender's materials have the right balance of Meat and Potato as well as Liturgy.  They can be used for adult and for the young.  I have to revise the materials a bit since we use LSB and his materials are geared toward TLH/LW.

John Pless also has a great llittle book called Didache which also needs updating as it is geared toward LW but I have been thinking of going back to that for the Adults.

Rev'd. Matthew J. Uttenreither  SSP


Thanks for all of the other resources, dear brothers.  One of these days (the road to hell...) I will get my passion for the Adult Catechumenate back and tackle this  and put something together that can be used by all of us EC types. 


BoC study groups comprised of pastors and laypeople are always good ongoing adult catechesis. 

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