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Your Turn / Re: St. Lucia, Dec. 13
June 26, 2024, 08:42:50 PM
Augustana Lutheran Church in DC still celebrates Santa Lucia on the Sunday closest to December 13. It has done this since the congregation was founded in 1918. Once a very Swedish congregation, it is nowadays a mixed race and ethnic congregation. Many a time the Santa Lucia Queen with the candle-lit crown is African-American or Latina. It is a full pageantry with attendants and starboys and they sing the songs in Swedish.
Your Turn / Re: Has the pope caught the "Biden virus?"
November 29, 2023, 08:21:01 PM
Pope Francis didn't really do all that much to Cardinal Burke. He just told him that he couldn't live at a Vatican apartment anymore and that he wouldn't be paid anymore. The Cardinal held a counter-synod after the Pope's Synod a few blocks away from the Vatican. It was most likely his way of flipping the bird at the Pope. Stylistically the two couldn't be more different—Francis eats with the marginalized of society and lives in St. Martha's House rather than the Apostolic Palace. Burke on the other hand loves his ermine mozettas. Ever see a picture of him in procession? His red capes are longer than Princess Diana's bridal train and is borne by two minions. Francis wouldn't be caught dead in such ostentatious clerical garbs. 
As a gay 75-year-old man, I am frightened when the new Speaker of the House considers LGBTQ folks part of an "irredeemable" lot. Just before he became Speaker, Johnson told an interviewer that the culture is so "dark and depraved" that it almost seems irredeemable with the rise of LGBTQ youth. He has crowed that he and his 17-year- old son both have an app to monitor each other's browser habits to keep themselves above board. That's not normal in the least. That Johnson is second in line of the presidency should really be of concern with his 19th-century worldview.     
I find it so funny that many of you think I must spend at least half of my life in a Gay bath house. I've never been to a Gay bath house in my life. I am indeed a Gay man and I am a happy one at that. I don't think that I have ever had any desire to be anything but who I am. That is basically all you know about me. A good reminder is that the eighth commandment is a pretty important one.
Pastor Speckhard, you consider me a child of God, but you always add a caveat. Adolf Hitler was a child of God. So, your words ring hallow. You don't know the least thing about me, but you seem to be pretty certain that I am intrinsically disordered, but I know that I am not. Back to Square One.
I know that most of you think that I am engaging in hyperbole, but in today's political climate, there is a real fear in the LGBTQ community that there is a growing number of people who want to slap on a pink triangle on our sleeves. Can we in the LGBTQ community depend on you as Lutheran Christians to stand up for us rather than engaging in unhelpful rhetoric? Some of you like to say that you are just as sinful as any Gay person, but we don't hear that. We hear words like abnormality, deviation, and by some, Gay people are on the straight path to hell. We hear some of you as straight people say, even if unintentionally, "Thank God, thank God Almighty, I am not like any of 'those' people."
Pastor Eckstein, for a Gay person to marry a straight person, this is about the worst thing that one can do to the other. This isn't like a light switch that you can turn on and off. I have seen this so many times over the years and it is not pretty by any stretch of the imagination, especially when there are children involved. As a Gay man, I cannot even fathom being in an intimate relationship with the opposite sex. This isn't some kind of a pretend game. In a pastoral situation, were you to counsel someone entertaining a sham marriage, it would be your job to discourage as best as you can this kind of setup. If you are straight and the reverse were true, can you see yourself in this kind of a ménage à deux?
Perhaps my use of the word "monster" was intemperate. I was thinking more of the one-eye as a cyclopean kind rather than a physical anamoly. Still Pastor Speckhard, you do not get off the hook for your most offensive post. You yourself said that you have two eyes and that you are simply normal. If the person has one eye, then he or she is abnormal, and to me that isn't a whole lot different than my use of the word monster. My homosexuality is to be compared to constipation? Something amiss? Malfunction? Malady? I am fearfully and wonderfully made but according to you, Pastor Speckhard, and many others here, I am a sad deviation from the design of humanity. For the record, I am not struggling with "such difficulties." It isn't my desire to supersede God's design for me. I am exactly who God wanted me to be. You, Pastor Speckhard would be laughed right out of the room by the American Psychological Association of which authority on homosexuality is 100-fold to yours.
The sad thing about all this is that you, Pastor Speckhard and your ilk are driving people out of the church in droves, especially among Gay folks. You go into any Gay forum akin to ALPB, and it is almost like if one is in an atheist forum. The bitterness is palpable.
I will be 75 in a few days' time and my mother who is as doctrinaire as any LCMS cleric or laic here will be 100 next month. She doesn't sit and stew about this icky homosexual stuff. She simply accepts me as a child of God and she of all people knows that I am not a sad deviant. My mother no longer goes to church given her age, but a couple of Sundays ago on June 25, she celebrated the anniversary of the Confessio Augustana by getting out her copy and reading it from beginning to end. I am pretty sure she didn't read anything about God shutting out a whole class of people who are not straight.
Your post is so offensive, Pastor Speckhard, I almost have no words to comment. So, I am akin to a one-eyed or three-eyed monster alongside with millions upon millions of others.
Your Turn / Re: Colorado is taking all the "Ls"
July 03, 2023, 08:30:21 PM
So, I, as a Gay man, go into a restaurant and there is a "Chef's Delight" on the menu. It is expressly created by a homophobic chef. He refuses to serve me his creative menu item after he is alerted by his wait staff that I am holding hands with my partner. After all, I am infringing on this so-called "freedom of speech" with his creativity.
I can see this ruling by the Supreme Court getting totally out of hand.
Your Turn / Re: Here's a Way to Control Guns
March 28, 2023, 08:42:02 PM
As I read the comments here, I guess there's nothing to be done, right? It was just another ho-hum day in the US sprinkled with "thoughts and prayers."
Your Turn / Re: Coronavirus news
February 09, 2023, 08:18:29 PM
I have been to Mayo Clinic about 25 times since the pandemic and I just went again last week. There is no way of getting into any Mayo facility without a mask. There are "security" checkpoints at all entryways. You are given a mask if you don't have one. Even in the doctors' offices for consultations, I've yet to meet a doctor or any other medical personnel who did not have their masks on.
Your Turn / Re: Coronavirus news
October 26, 2022, 09:34:54 AM
I don't know, Pastor Morris, death is pretty final, isn't it? So, inconvenience supersedes that? Despite the low numbers, children did die throughout the height of the pandemic. So, where did this idea that children weren't at risk come from?
Your Turn / Re: Coronavirus news
October 25, 2022, 08:12:07 PM
Over 1,000,000 people have died in the US from COVID; we don't know yet the long-term effects of the virus in those who were infected but survived. And yet some of you wonder, "What if...?"
Your Turn / Re: Christian Nationalism? No
October 18, 2022, 05:47:31 PM
I have to assume that those who subscribe to Christian Nationalism consider that the United States is a Christian nation. I wonder how that could be with one-third of its 338 million people who are not Christians. That is a huge marginalization of people. And even within Christianity, which brand would have the upper hand? Franklin Graham thinks his is the only way or it's the highway. There are the "Rapture" Christians, the Born-Agains, and even on this forum, a few have said that they think that ELCA doesn't cut it. Christianity has a long history of intolerance with Pharisaism never far away. Christian Nationalism would not make America a better place.
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