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Forum Blogs / Re: Being "in Communion"
November 07, 2006, 06:29:53 PM
I have been away and just read through all the posts on the aforementioned thread. Fascinating to follow the give and take. FWIW, I have always understood that the effacacy and validity of the sacraments are found in the Word and promise of Christ (together with bread, wine & water) thus whether they are spoken by St. Peter or Balaam's ass is irrelevent.

Concerning communing the unbaptized, AC XIII seems clear and applicable, and on the occasions where the presider is uncertain (and I have certainly found myself in that position many times, particularly at large funerals or weddings) the purpose as given there is to awaken and strenghen faith...and whom am I to suggest that God cannot awaken faith in an unbaptized person who receives?

Concerning the personal decision as to whether or not to commune in a given setting, the criteria which have seemd most applicable for me is not my need (however great that might be) but rather the objective command to love neighbor as self and thus accord the ecclesial realities of the congregation in which I find myself to be of greater importance, as an act of love towards brothers and sisters in Christ, even if not currently in visible 'fellowship".

As I said, for what it's I enjoy the discussion.

Pr. Tim Christ

Your Turn / Re: ELCA Membership Numbers
August 28, 2006, 12:14:06 PM
Brian Wrote:

It is also noted that no monies from the ELCA's Current Fund are used to support the Hunger Appeal.

I query:

In an earlier post you noted hunger funds comprise 17% of the total ELCA budget ($97 million) and then note that no monies from the current fund are used for hunger appeal. A bit of a contradiction?

My understanding was that the Hunger Appeal was separate. As such, could it be that the monies used for direct social action from the general fund might well be smaller than the 17% which you cited in an earlier post...perhaps more in line with what most of experience in the congregational setting?

Not critizing, but do desire to keep some accuracy in the discussion.

And on a separate point, Charles earlier talked about ending a thread on press releases. I'm certain Charles has probably written more press release than Moses, but IMHO one simple thing is true about any and all press releases. They all have bias, and that bias is to make the organization releasing the informaion look as good as possible given whatever information is being released. It is the nature of the animal. Whether a local congregation is releasing infrormation to the local paper in a one-horse town or the ELCA is releasing information to a potential nationwide audience or the LWF is releasing information to a world wide audience, the wording, phrasing and intent of a press release is to be honest, yes, but to be honest in the best possible light of the organization.

When I worked in media, press releases were never consider to be "lies" or intentionally "dishonest" but the underlying assumption was also that there were not the "whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God!" That sort of transparency, of either individuals or organizations is unlikely this side of the Kingdom. Remember we're dealing with sanctified but still scheming sinners!!!

Pr. Tim Christ

Your Turn / Re: Presbyterian Publishing House
August 23, 2006, 10:07:23 AM
Quote from: Charles_Austin on August 22, 2006, 05:40:21 PM

I respond:

I don't buy it. I simply do not understand why one is not willing to own up to who they and what opinions they holdĀ  in public discussion.


I've been hearing you repeat this ad nauseum for quite some time (in other forums as well). It has been my observation that most of the folks don't mind being identified, privately and safely, in a meeting such as this. And I've covered school boards and city councils, etc. as well. The privacy issues of the internet and the public forum of publically elected officials are apples and oranges. It would seem to me that you really need to relax just a tad on this one. Responsibility for one's opinions, certainly, and that point is well taken...but many of us are here with nom de pixel's as a result of the insecurity of much of this information system. As the young folks put it, a "chill pill" is in order!

Pr. Tim Christ, aka, The Pilgrim
Years ago, in a joint seminary class with the Pontifical College Josephinum, Methesco (Methodist School of Theology of Ohio) and Trinity Lutheran Seminary, the foucs was the WCC Faith and Order book, Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry. One of the things that so impacted me occurred during our discussions of various topics as the class progressed. The seminarians at the Josephinum had obviously been through Canon Law and all faithfully shared the RC party line (I do NOT mean that pejoratively). I was accutely aware that as we Trinity folk shared our reflections we were constantly checking visual signals with one another, feeling deeply that what we said could not be just our opinion, but must be faithful to our confessions and traditions. In short, we were speaking for a great cloud of witnesses! Enroute back to the sem we talked long about this wonderful overarching sense and responsibility that had become more clear for us in that environment than ever before. On the other hand, our Methodist brothers and sisters were, quite literally, all over the map. So much so that, at one point, someone remarked only half jokingly, that it seemed that one could be a practicing Budhist and still be a Methodist pastor! The professor from Methesco missed the irony and responded sincerely, "Well, I suppose that is entirely possible."

Having been raised in Ohio, educated in Iowa and Ohio and lived in Illinois before finding my way to the promised land (Texas, sic!), I've noted additionally that there is an extraordinary difference between the Methodism with which I grew up, and the Methodism of my colleagues here in the south. Many of the Methodist pastors I meet could easily be described as Baptists who happen to "Christin" children.

My fear is that our doctrine of the real presense is simply being marginalized away for the sake of being "nice", that great Lutheran malady.

Just sharing.

Pr. Tim Christ
ELCA Churchwide Assembly 2005 / Re: Suday morning
August 15, 2005, 06:13:24 AM

I add my heartfelt thanks for your work during the churchwide. I alternately bounced back and forth from the webcast to the forum. Job well done, and I echo the admonition to subscribe to the FORUM package!

Pr. Tim Christ
Joy Lutheran
Richmond, TX
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