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Join us virtually for the Dorothy Zelenko Memorial banquet:

Executive director greetings and Special presentation 1:45
Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor 2:45

Events will be recorded.
On October 1, 2022, from 1-5 pm the ALPB will remember long-time treasurer Dorothy Zelenko with a memorial banquet at JC Fogarty's, 60 Kraft Ave. Bronxville, NY. Fogarty's is within walking distance of the Bronxville Metro-North stop.

The Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor, Pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church in the Bronx, and First Vice-President of the Atlantic District, will be our event speaker as we remember Dorothy and honor the pioneering work that she and Fred Schumacher did in bringing to fruition For All the Saints..

The menu will include appetizers, salad, a choice of chicken marsala, salmon, sliced steak, choice of apple pie, or ice cream, cash bar. The price is $30.

Please make your reservation by calling Donna Roche at 607-746-7511.

The ALPB is looking for contributors to our quarterly theological journal - Lutheran Forum and our monthly Forum Letter.

Topics should be in keeping within the broad evangelical and catholic scope of the ALPB mission:

To inquire about submitting an article, you can reach out directly to me or any of our editorial staff:
The ALPB is pleased to offer a new annotated translation of Luther's 1527 advice on what to do during a pandemic. Freshly translated, annotated, and introduced by Pr. William Russell, it is available as a PDF via e-mail for $5.

2019 LCMS Convention / Thursday
July 24, 2019, 05:51:31 PM
Unfortunately, I will not be present for Thursday's festivities and closing as I need to make my way back to NYC. If anything of significance or interest happens, feel free to post it here. If you do an quality job, who knows, you may be asked to cover the 2022 LCMS Convention. Spelling is not necessarily a prerequisite for posting - so don't let that hold you back.

Thank you to all who followed along, and especially to those who stopped by ALPB HQ to keep me company on this journey. Being able to renew the bonds of fellowship with you has been a great joy.

Look for my convention write-up in an upcoming issue of Forum Letter. If you are not a subscriber- Send Donna an e-mail

2019 LCMS Convention / Wednesday Afternoon
July 24, 2019, 01:19:24 PM
The neon palm trees have found a source of energy and are now welcoming delegates back from lunch.

Some have commented on the noticeable absence of the grumbling about coffee which was a regular feature of my reporting at the 2016 convention. There is no reason to fear. I still like to grumble but so far we have "been green on coffee". Living in a camper instead of a hotel room allows me to brew and bring my own coffee (currently Hawaiian Isles Vanilla Macadamia Nut) along with my peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch (are you taking notes Richard!). There is also a coffee kiosk conveniently located right outside the convention hall and Mark Hofman has been kind enough to check in on me periodically and supply with me emergency coffee on the one occasion we went "black on coffee".

During the break I was able to catch up with one of my former co-counselors from the now defunct SonRise Outdoor Lutheran Ministry. Of all of the great experiences I have had in my life, working for 6 summers as a summer camp counselor at a Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Center were some of the most formative. It is also where I met my wife. Sadly like many things that have been affected by our changing culture Summer Camp opportunities are not as great as they once were. In fact I don't think there are any resolutions regarding Outdoor Ministry at this convention, nor was there a National Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Association (NLOMA) table in the vendor hall. Can anyone who attended the youth gathering confirm if they were there?  Even if you can't find them here you can take a look at them online  My current Bishop/District President Derek Lecakes actually got his start as a DCE at a NLOMA camp, so working there doesn't necessarily relegate you to working in jobs where peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are your lunch. In any event, thanks Tara for renewing the bonds of fellowship after these 20+ years.

We move on to the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. Chaplain Weedon is kind enough to mention my commissioned teacher Jim Johnson, who was called to his eternal rest last night.
2019 LCMS Convention / Wednesday Morning
July 24, 2019, 08:12:55 AM
Welcome to the penultimate day of what has been a, by Missouri standards, uneventful and genial convention.

Following Matins the morning begins with greetings from the LWML and Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Barring any floor interruptions (which are almost certainly bound to come as delegates want to ensure that their particular favorite resolutions make it to the floor before the convention ends, here is what we are looking at for the morning:

8:35 Structure and Administration (#9)
9:35 Greeting—LCMS Foundation, David Fiedler
9:40 Finance (#8)
10:05Convention Essay—Joy:fully Lutheran –Give Thanks, Rev. Dr. Gottfried Martens
10:35Special Recognition—LCMS Presidents Emeriti
10:40Theology and Church Relations (#5)
11:30 Pastoral Ministry and Seminaries (#6)
12:00 Recess

Update on the plants - No significant additions today and in fact, someone forgot to turn on the neon palm trees so the welcoming glow that has greeted delegates over the last couple of days has been replaced by a tired dullness. Sounds about right for a penultimate day.
2019 LCMS Convention / Tuesday Afternoon
July 23, 2019, 01:47:03 PM
And after an abbreviated Lunch we are back for elections.

Given what has gone before us, I debated taking the afternoon off, posting the united list, and then heading to the beach with my family. But out of sheer dedication I am here just in case...

2019 LCMS Convention / Tuesday Morning
July 23, 2019, 08:25:29 AM
Back at it for this Tuesday morning.

A note from yesterday - I neglected to mention that Don Engebretson as he stopped by headquarters. First time I was able to put a face (I know, I know his profile has a picture), to that long time poster. Renew the bonds of fellowship...

Update on the plants by the entrance - there doesn't appear to be any new additions to them this morning. That is not definitive - my wife would note that I am not particularly adept at noticing those things. In fact, if it weren't for Deaconess Rojas, I probably wouldn't have even noticed the neon palm trees greeting delegates. They did appear to be passing out little dixie cups (with seeds?) in them on the way in. I didn't notice what was going on until it was too late...

And just as I type that one of the "Joy Fully Lutheran" Volunteers stops by ALPB headquarters with a cup. It has M&Ms in it. Better than seeds, but I have yet to see anyone eat them (which is why I thought they were seeds). Half the room is probably filled with anxiety now trying to figure out if it is ok to eat the M&Ms or not. Our homilist this morning Nabil Nour is apparently the man responsible for them as he references them in is message. Still waiting for the command to eat.... which is given with the words: "grab some M&Ms - it will be good for your soul". That's a message we can all (except for those allergic to chocolate - a tragedy that afflicts at least one of my colleagues) support.

As we move to more serious matters this morning's schedule:

8:00 Matins—Rev. Nabil S. Nour
8:25 Special Recognition—newly elected and outgoing Praesidium
8:30 Greetings —Lutheran Church Extension Fund, Rev. Bart Day
8:35 Church and Culture (#11)
9:30 Recognition of 125 years of International Mission — Eurasia Region
9:50 International Witness (#2)
9:55 Convention Essay— Joy:fully Lutheran – Pray, Rev. Josemon T. Hoem
10:25 Ecclesiastical Supervision and Dispute Resolution (#10)
11:20 Structure and Administration (#9)
12:00 Recess
2019 LCMS Convention / Monday Afternoon
July 22, 2019, 01:40:28 PM
As we make our way back from Lunch, good news from the ALPB powers that be.

With the money they have saved in me not buying convention wifi ($80/day), not buying WD40 for the orchestral chairs (~$100), not hiring someone to remove the vuvuzela player (?), and having me camp out at MacDill Air Force Base instead of a convention hotel (~$1000; lets face it an Air Force Base is like a convention hotel for us humble Army folks) we are passing the cost savings on to you:

For the remainder of the convention we are offering the Lutheran Forum Package for $15 to new subscribers. With the subscription you will get 4 issues of our quarterly journal Lutheran Forum under new editor David Nelson (NALC), and 12 issues of Forum Letter with Richard Johnson (ELCA) and Peter Speckhard (LCMS).  As an added bonus there are copy editors there who can ensure that pesky terms like "cue" are "queued" up properly for publication (thanks Charles).

To subscribe - send Donna Roche an e-mail at and let her know you want the $15 LCMS convention subscription.  Please note: Donna is likely busily spending her vacation this week eagerly following our commentary on the LCMS convention. She will respond to you with subscription information following the convention when she returns to the office.
2019 LCMS Convention / Monday Morning
July 22, 2019, 08:27:59 AM
Good morning and welcome back to a chilly Tampa Convention Center.

If you are looking for the latest information on updates to resolutions, convention schedule and even minutes from previous days you can find all the latest information here:

You can even find minutes from previous days to fill in those gaps that invariably occur when I get caught up in conversations with visitors to ALPB headquarters. In my defense, there really are a lot of great people in the Missouri-Synod across the political divides. I am grateful for the ALPB and the LCMS allowing me this triennial opportunity to renew those bonds of fellowship. I wish that more folks had the opportunity to experience this church beyond the poisonous politics which so often dominate our online discourse and even occasionally personal correspondence.

Say what you will about Matt Harrison and his tenure - but he has not used his majority at the last two conventions to cudgel the opposition into submission. Perhaps that is why I just haven't senses the same political angst at this convention. A cynic might say it is because the vastly outnumbered "Missouri moderates" are resigned to defeat, but that doesn't explain the relative graciousness in victory of the "conservatives". Of course we are only on Day 2 so there is still time for us to make a mess of things.

Our Schedule for the day:
Morning Session
8:00Matins—Rev. Dr. Daniel Preus
8:25 Greetings—Concordia Publishing House,
Dr. Bruce Kintz
8:30University Education (#7)
9:30National Witness (#1) 
10:00Registration, Credentials, and Elections (#13)
(Balloting for Secretary of Synod and Synod Board of Directors)
10:35Convention Essay—Joy:fully Lutheran –Rejoice,Rev. Dr. Thomas J. Egger
11:05Theology and Church Relations (#5)
11:35 Retention: Schools, Family, Youth
and Young Adults (#12)
12:00 Recess

Afternoon Session
1:30 Midday Prayer—Rev. Dr. Gregory P. Seltz
1:55 Minutes
2:00 Structure and Administration (#9)
3:00 Recognition of 125 years of International Mission Efforts —Asia Region
3:20 International Witness (#2)
3:25 Committee for Convention Nominations
(for other boards, CTCR, boards of regents,and synod-wide entities)
4:10 Special Presentation—military chaplains, Rev. Craig Muehler
4:20 Omnibus Resolution B
4:30 Ecclesiastical Supervision and Dispute Resolution (#10)
5:05 University Education (#7)
5:45 Responsive Prayer I
6:00 Recess
The LCMS currently endorses approximately 100 chaplains across the 5 branches of the U.S. Armed Forces (Active, Reserve, and National Guard Components). Our chaplains serve in significant leadership positions across the branches: from the Pentagon to our Service Academies. Even with the social changes that the Military has undergone in the last few years, LCMS chaplains are held in high regard both because of the quality of formation we have received, and because of the wonderful precedents set by chaplains like Arthur Karl Piepkorn (who served as commandant of the Chaplain School House for the U.S. Army, and was Eisenhower's chief of chaplains for occupied Germany), Martin Scharlemann (who taught at the school house), Henry Gerecke (one of 235 LCMS chaplains to serve in WWII, and who would famously serve as chaplain to the Nuremburg war crimes prisoners), and modern leaders like our own message board participants CH (Rear Admiral Ret.) Dan Gard and CH (COL, Ret.) John Hannah.

One of our modern leaders, CH (LTC, Ret.) Steve Hokana was awarded the Four Chaplains Medal last night by the U.S. Army. For those who don't know the story, the 4 chaplains were men fresh out of chaplain school who heroically gave their lives in service of their fellow Soldiers when the ship that they were on was sunk by a German U-boat The award was given in recognition of CH Hokana's distinguished Army career and his continued support of the Army chaplaincy through his work as the assistant director of LCMS Ministry to the Armed Forces (MAF), the endorsing agency for the LCMS.

In order to serve as a military chaplain, individuals must receive endorsement from a DOD recognized endorsing agency. Many of the endorsers that have sprung up in recent years are "pay to play" endorsers who require that you pay them yearly dues in return for receiving and endorsement (and little else) which allows you to be a chaplain. The LCMS MAF not only doesn't charge its chaplains a "pay to pay" fee, but actively supports them with resources, training, guidance, and advocacy in their work among the Soldiers of our nation's military. The difference between the support I receive and that received by so many of my classmates at Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Training was noticeable both me, my classmates, and the Army's leadership. It really is a not-talked about hidden gem that facilitates a tremendous missional impact and which if you are looking for a worthy organization to support you can find more information here:

They also offer resources for helping the Soldiers, families and veterans within your own congregations and communities.
2019 LCMS Convention / Sunday Afternoon Session
July 21, 2019, 02:08:00 PM
So this is take two on starting this thread....

Wifi here in the convention center is $80/day. In order to be able to show my face at the next ALPB board meeting I am using my WIFI hot spot. That works great except for when folks like Larry Peters stop by as I prepare to being the new thread and engages me in a conversation long enough for everything to go into sleep mode!

Let see if I can remember what I wrote:
1. This afternoon - elections and rankings of Vice President dominate the afternoon. Most should be a slam dunk except for 1st VP which should be interesting.
2. Pastoral Care and Seminaries is the other big event for the afternoon at 1610.
3. The final presentation is church and culture at 1705. I am not going to be present for that since I have been selected to give one of the toasts for the Ministry Among Armed Forces dinner and it is going to take me some time to squeeze into my dress blues. So if someone wants go cover this, you are welcome to do so as long as you are not a delegate (that would be a violation of the no electronics rule).

I also offered a reminder - now too late, that you can keep your voting lists for the elections today, but you better download them first because you can't access them electronically.
Good morning

We begin with Matins this morning led by Eastern Region VP Chris Esget. Followed by orientation to voting devices designed to prevent the famous Florida hanging chads. This is especially important as word has it approximately 50% of delegates to this convention are first timers. I am unofficially able to confirm this by the amount of delegates wearing short sleeve shirts or sleeveless dresses. Clearly fooled by the heat wave sweeping the country and Tampa weather forecasts. Veterans convention goers know that you need at a minimum a sweatshirt and sweater and perhaps gloves or a hat if you are from one of our southern states.

Word also is that this convention will be the last one for William Weedon as LCMS Director of Worship and International Center Chaplain. His skillcraft in putting together the worship services for the last few conventions has been remarkable. Prayers for him as he begins his new call.
2019 LCMS Convention / Welcome to Tampa
July 20, 2019, 09:37:23 AM
An Eastern Orthodox colleague once remarked that the beauty of being governed by Ecumenical Councils which never happen in our modern era is that the church is forced to slow down and recognize that the "urgency" of our present day issues are often more important to us then they are to the history of a 2000 year old church.

Three years is not very long in the church's life. Yet with the shortness of our lifespans three years can seem like an eternity. Since I last served as the ALPB's reporter at the 2016 LCMS convention, I have left employment at Concordia-New York, returned full time to Our Saviour Lutheran Church and School in the Bronx, become a US Army Reserve Chaplain, welcomed three of my oldest daughter's relatives to come and live with us as my children while they go to school, and welcomed a grand-daughter from one of those children. My world looks significantly different today.

Perhaps my own life changes, including a disconnect from the broader church-political world, have given me a different perspective on the LCMS convention. There just does not seem to be the same sort of angst about specific resolutions at this convention. There are details to be worked out, for sure, but the Harrison administration has historically preferred to work those details out outside of the convention format (see last convention's referral of the dispute resolution process changes). It is hard to envision many resolutions that will generate anything under 60% approval and most will have over 90% approval.

For those who love seeking out conflict (you know who you are), here is my prediction where significant disagreement will occur:

1.   First Vice-President Election. Incumbent Herb Mueller is not seeking re-election. He is battling serious health issues, and his retirement is well deserved and probably overdue. He has faithfully given far more than should be asked of anyone to the church. Herb is one of those rare individuals in the LCMS, who even when you disagree with him, you still walk away from him feeling like he genuinely and pastorally cares for you. I was privileged to serve under him when he was a district president and I was a field worker at Unity Lutheran Church in East St. Louis. His heart for that ministry eventually led to the district providing support for the opening of a school there. He never forgot my field work there and every time I saw him he would fill me in on the progress of the ministry and you could see and hear his passion for the work that Unity was doing. His pastoral presence on the praesidium will be missed. As President Harrison presumably gets closer to his last term (via retirement or as has long been rumored as President of Concordia-STL when Dale Meyer retires), whoever is elected first vice-president at this convention can potentially be seen as placeholder/stepping stone for 2023. Or not... 3 years can be a lifetime for ever-urgent Missouri.

2.   Lutheran Immigration and Refuge Services – LCMS participation and financial support of LIRS never really fit in with the stereotype of the LCMS as the "Republican Brand of Lutheranism". With the country polarizing further politically it is hard to see how LCMS continued participation in LIRS survives at previous levels. Other threads on this board have already noted the issues. LCMS will no longer fund LIRS. I believe there is an outside shot that the convention may vote to sever ties completely with LIRS. This is one of those 60% resolutions that will generate some passionate floor debate.

3.   The Concordias – The real issue ought to be the financial challenges that our Lutheran Higher education institutions face (along with the rest of the small-college and university Higher Ed world). This convention instead will likely focus on the way that Concordia-Portland has handled a pro-gay student group and use that as a call to further Lutheranize (and centralize) the Concordia University institutions. Urgency to do something seems to be the order of the day even if the something to be done is not holistically considered.

4.   Dispute Resolution – This is primarily an issue for the "opposition" who dislike the way that the process was centralized through the office of the President at the last convention (or more accurately through the last convention's referral to Synod's Board of Directors at the last convention).  It is hard to see a push for change gaining much traction. To my knowledge there haven't been any significant cases that have worked their way through the new process yet, so it is hard to demonstrate why the process needs to be changed. Given the amount of angst last convention about this issue (remember the Matt Becker case as the driving force here), it is doubtful that the convention is going to want to re-open that wound again. Three years is too short of a time for healing to occur.

The convention began yesterday with floor committees but begins in earnest today with delegate orientation and opening worship tonight.

I will be attending the worship service, but my reporting will begin in full tomorrow morning.
Your Turn / Reformation Commemoration September 25-26
September 03, 2017, 09:05:32 PM
Join the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, America Media, Concordia College-NY, and Fordham University for a two-day Reformation commemoration on September 25 and 26, 2017.

September 25, 6-8 pm, Concordia College – Sommer Center – "500 years of Reformation: Where are we now"
Rev. Dr. Mark Granquist, Luther Seminary;
Rev. Dr. Richard Johnson, Editor, Forum Letter;
Dr. J. Patrick Hornbeck, Fordham University;
Dr. Catherine Clifford, St. Paul's University, Ottawa; 

September 26, 6-8 pm, Fordham University – University Chapel – "500 years of Reformation: Where do we go from here?"
Prof. Susan Wood, SCL, Marquette University and Rep. of the Pontifical council for the Promotion of Christian Unity;
Fr. Brian McWeeney, Ecumenical officer, Archdiocese of NY;
Rev. Dr. Leopoldo Sanchez, Concordia Seminary;
Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Bronx, NY;

Each evening concludes with evening prayer according to the host institution's tradition.

Both evenings are FREE and open to the public.
The ALPB and America Magazine (Jesuits) are sponsoring a joint Reformation commemoration series on the campuses of Concordia-New York and Fordham University on September 25 and 26. Events begin at 6 pm and close with Evening Prayer led by, and according to, the tradition of the host institution. Both evenings are free and open to the public.

September 25: "500 Years of Reformation: Where are we now" (Concordia College – New York)
Dr. J. Patrick Hornbeck, Fordham University
Dr. Catherine Clifford, St. Paul's University, Ottawa
Dr. Mark Granquist, Associate Professor of the History of Christianity at Luther Seminary
Dr. Richard Johnson, Editor Forum Letter

September 26: "500 Years of Reformation: Where do we go from here?"  (Fordham University)
Prof. Sr. Susan Wood, SCL, Marquette and Representative of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity
Fr. Brian McWeeney, Director of Ecumenical Relations for the Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Dr. Leopoldo Sanchez, Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of the Center for Hispanic Studies at Concordia Seminary-St. Louis
Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor, Pastor of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church in The Bronx, New York.
2016 LCMS Convention / 4 - Life Together
July 14, 2016, 10:22:50 AM
A little behind for two reasons:
1. My fat fingers somehow deleted my whole last post and I had to re-type.
2. Chaplain Weedon stopped by to take a picture of ALPB headquarters. Of course he does it on the one day I am not wearing my clericals. I usually don't wear them on planes because you are trapped next to a seatmate who will either be uncomfortable for a couple of hours because of it, or who will take it as a license to make you uncomfortable for a couple of hours. Either way my plan is to get copious amounts of sleep on my way to New Orleans so I will be bright eyed for the National Youth Gathering. (Sorry no budget for National Youth Gathering Reporting)

4-01 Celebrate Lutheran Women's Missionary League and International Lutheran layman's League
President wisely does not take a keypad vote which would allow the confused and the obstinate to record no votes and  instead just asks those who agree to stand and sing doxology #2 today (I hereby move that they call the last day of each convention doxology day - as most resolutions seem to be thanks resolutions ending in the singing of doxologies).  Of course since we have to stand for the singing of the doxology this is probably coercion - but no one dares speak against it. LWML is watching...

4-02 Witness Mercy and Life Together remain our threefold emphasis

4-03B Task Force to Review RSO Program and Bylaws
-A delegate is concerned about expense.
-Clarification any changes will come back to the next convention
-Quite a few comments, I suppose that is to be expected when a resolution goes from original to A to B.
-We are not using the mic queue for whatever reason.

An amendment is offered to audible groans. The amender wants a CPE chaplain included on the board. And the National Mission Board Chair speaks - doesn't look like it is going to be accepted as friendly. "It makes sense" but the goal is to have a small committee in consultation with agencies.
-The delegate withdrew his amendment so we go to a vote
2016 LCMS Convention / 18 - Worker Wellness
July 14, 2016, 09:51:20 AM
Not sure that there is anything controversial here, but perhaps here in this floor committee we see the principal that resolutions don't always lead to significant change in the actual practical life of the worker. Worker wellness is great in theory...but the individual worker still has to watch what they eat and get out from behind their computer (after my convention reports are done...) and exercise.

18-01 To Commend the Work of Concordia Plan Services
-and the whereas statements are read, creating this strange mix where we spend so much time reading through things that people have had before them for months but then hurry to cut off debate on actual discussion of things.

Passes with 97 percent or so of the vote, which leads to our first singing of the doxology of the day.

Brian Westgate is the first to stop by this morning. Safe travels on the drive (and I thought the ALPB was frugal!) back to PA.
2016 LCMS Convention / Thursday Morning
July 14, 2016, 09:34:35 AM
Good morning and welcome back to ALPB headquarters at the LCMS convention. It is a seemingly quiet morning here as many folks have already turned their attention toward home, bags are packed, hotel rooms vacated, and the last remaining dollars on the Starbucks gift card spent.

Thanks to all who joined us for the ALPB gathering last night. It certainly was not easy to find us due to the continued shifting of plans, but like many other things in life, those that require some work, yield the greatest reward. I for one, was tremendously rewarded, by conversations with ALPB friends both old and new.

I began my musing on this convention by citing Piepkorn talking about how, perhaps the most important thing about conventions is the opportunity for relationship renewal and building. With the actions of elected leadership of our synod over these past couple of days, we perhaps may have had a return to focus on relationship in our church body. Of course, how those relationships are fostered once the face to face engagement is gone, is where the real strength of this new (old) direction will be tested. But for now it is enough to observe that Matt Harrison had a consistent 60% voting block, and therefore could have presumably rammed through these controversial resolutions. Instead a commitment to dialog and fraternity won the day. In a synod full of factions that operate with a 50% +1 mentality that is, at least, a step forward.

I will be providing a full writing up of the convention which will be published in an upcoming edition of Forum Letter (assuming editor Richard Johnson hasn't been following my insouciance too closely - in which case others should probably start preparing their own summaries). In any event you will want to subscribe to the Forum Package -  - if you haven't already, so you can keep up with the journey of this new-found dialog and fraternity in the days to come.

Finally, a word of thanks to all who have been kind enough to stop by headquarters (for those at home a round table with sometimes not nearly enough chairs in the back of the convention center by the bathroom). The ALPB remains one of the few places in American Lutheranism (not to discount our Canadian and global friends) where folks from across the theological divides can come in honest fraternal engagement. My relationships with you have made me a better theologian and a better person. Thank you.

Today sees floor committee 18 - worker wellness, 4 - Life Together, 14 - Church and Culture, 7 - University Education (perhaps the only contentious one), and 1 - national witness.

I will be headed to the airport a little after 11 (since the ALPB would only spring for shared bus service and not for private limo service), so you all may be on your own for the last little bit.
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