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Your Turn / Your assistance is welcomed
March 04, 2024, 11:57:05 AM
I'm seeking opinion on the subject of Eastern Orthodoxy.  I know a colleague who has asked for my input on what resources are best for an introduction to Orthodoxy with a view toward being received into that branch of Christianity.  He knows I have contact with some who have already left the Western expression for Orthodoxy.  Online here are some who are part of that expression.  What I'm trying to get to in this post  is an inquiry for some good resources which are basic catechetical documents for a Western Christians who are beginning a step toward reception into that church.

I wanted to steer clear of texts such as those in the church history series by Jaroslav Pelikan.  This series is indeed very good and I recommend it for a broad sweep of what he covers in volume 2.  But I'm looking for a more basic text for a baptized Christian adult to read in order to move forward in his faith search.  What liturgy is considered basic and common among the Orthodox?   I understand that there is a wide array of options here.  But some basic guidance would be helpful so I can field to him an informed response.

Thanks for your input.
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