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Re: "The Practice of Ministry"
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You are right on target.  You must have read the book on structure in the congregational leadership series ... :-)

That said,  the only way to move an ELCA congregation to that larger level is to rework all sorts of things we believe pastors are supposed to do.  The models for such have to come from outside our current system.  But that's another post for another thread. Sufficient to say lead pastors will have to guide that transition in their congregation by themselves.  Or spend all their time managing the unending internal staff conflicts our current model engenders.

The ability to "release staff and volunteers for ministry elsewhere" is fundamental to building an effective team.  At the same time, someone taught that associate how to be an ineffective leader.  As they say in the "real" world, there are no bad employees, just incompetent managers.   Alas, as you well know, our seminary training system spends zero time  in this area.  Instead, they train for what our congregations want.  And that too is another topic.  

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Re: "The Practice of Ministry"
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Thanks, Brian.  I did more than read the book.  I lived it for nine years.